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News Around the Lodge

   Bringing new members into the Kenton Moose Family Center #428 and Moose International is one of the biggest rewards that you as a member can receive. We have several programs to bring new members into the Moose Fraternity. One is for you to ask friends or relatives, who are first responders (fire, police, EMT’s) and active duty military personnel that risk their lives to help others, to join the Moose. These people can join the Moose until December 31, 2017 and their first year fees are free. Another is for you to ask friends or relatives to join the Moose. On Thursday November 9, 2017 from 6pm – 8pm Kenton Moose Lodge will hold a free dinner for former and prospective members who join during this retention week and their sponsors.
   You ask, “What is in it for me?” The Moose has a Rewards Program for which you earn points for sponsoring members, attending meetings, holding office or renewing your dues. Every member has an opportunity to participate and your points are awarded automatically without any paperwork or submissions. For example sponsor your FIRST ever new or re-enrolled member into the LOOM or WOTM and earn 6000 points. These points can be redeemed for: your annual dues, contributions to Mooseheart or Moosehaven, or gift cards. Brochures are available at the Lodge with all the details.
   The Moose constantly needs new members to be able to continue and expand our community services so please take time to ask your friends or relatives to join the Moose. This is your place to have fun, socialize or just to relax.

Your Governor,

      Pat Thomas,

       There will be an orientation for members who would like to know more about our organization on Thursday, November 16th at 6:00 pm. Any member who is interested, please attend. Both the Loyal Order and the WOTM Chapter will have officers at the meeting to give information and answer questions.

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       Throw the ghost away and get the turkey thawed. Time to get your grocery list started. It makes the house smell so good. Families get together and the best time is when we have to loosen our belt buckle on the waste line.
       Remember to order your pumpkin rolls from the WOTM. The last day to order is November 6th. Pick up day starts November 13th. $10.00 each.
       Retention week starts November 5th. Don’t forget the Bake Sale November 7th during the fish fry. WOTM Breakfast November 18th, 8-11 am - $6.00, all you can eat. Come on in and enjoy yourself.
       It doesn’t cost a thing to smile and all of the happy thoughts will be yours to keep.

    So until next month take care of yourself and each other.

              Till Next Month
              Peg Herron, Sr. Regent

    Check the bulletin board and Moosevision for happenings in the Lodge. Like us on . Don't forget to go to the calendar webpage and see all of the scheduled events. Then come on in and join us!

       OSU Football Tailgate Parties are back.  Watch for the posters around the lodge. Please remember to support our sponsors too. They are the ones that actually pay for the free food at each tailgate party. Thank them for their support and dedication to your lodge

    Kenton Moose & Red Cross Blood Drive  

        We have exciting news. On Monday, November13th, in the lower level, we will be holding our 6th Red Cross blood drive of 2017. You can give blood from 12 Noon to 6pm. To schedule an appointment call 1-800 RED CROSS or visit . Use sponsor Code: KentonMoose . We have our blood drives scheduled every other month for the entire year of 2017. Give the gift of life.

    Kenton Moose Legion  

       The Kenton Moose Legion meets the third Tuesday each month at 6 pm. Your Kenton Moose Legion Committee has done a lot around the Lodge. The upgrading of the Lodge Memorial Wall out front and the landscaping of this space is special to many members because their departed family members are listed on the wall. The WOTM made a donation toward this project. As you enter the Lodge the Veteran’s Memorial on the right hand side was a project of the Moose Legion. Another was the addition of a baby changing table in the Ladies restroom. We also sponsor the Kenton ROTC dining-in dinner and Military Ball. Whenever a project needs to be done around the lodge a Moose Legionnaire will be there with a helping hand. If you would like to be a member of the Moose Legion just ask an officer, a Legionnaire or the bartenders.

    Pat Thomas, Moose Legion Committee Chairman


    The kitchen is open for lunch from 11:00am to 1:00pm Monday thru Friday. Now, a full menu is being served during lunch and dinner. Evening hours for the kitchen are 4pm to 10pm Monday thru Saturday and 10am to 10pm Sunday.

  • $5.00 LUNCH SPECIALS 11:00 - 1:00 MONDAY - FRIDAY
    Monday-Grilled Cheese and Chili
    Tuesday-BBQ Pork Sandwich w/ Chips
    Wednesday-Beef and Noodles w/ Mashed Potatoes
    Thursday-Grilled Ham and Cheese w/ Chips
    Friday-6" Ham and Cheese w/ Chips
    **Menu is subject to change due to availability