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Women of the Moose


Hello Winter

   It is hard to believe we have had 40’s and 50’s weather in December, but we all know what January can be like. Don’t put snow shovels and boots away yet. Just think Spring is only 3 to 4 months away, but that time will go fast when we all gather at the Moose for good times.
   December was a very busy month for everyone and I hope everyone enjoyed Christmas. I know the children really enjoyed the Kids Party with Santa handing out presents. It is a very special time of year bringing families together and enjoying each and everyone's company remembering the reason for the season.
   January is Educational Advancement month for the Women of the Moose. The chapter will be having projects to raise money for physical & occupational therapy at Mooseheart and the Women of the Moose Scholarship and Maintenance Fund.
   Women of the Moose Chapters do projects every month of the year for Mooseheart and Moosehaven. It seems like as I have learned this past year the work is never done and we love every minute of it.
   Let’s stay warm and healthy until next time.
God Bless
    Senior Regent
             Peg Herron

The kitchen opens at 4:00. Our January menu is:
January 5th Chicken & Noodles, Mashed Potatoes, Corn, Brownies
January 12th Meatloaf, red boiled potatoes, green beans, cake
January 19th Pork Roast, scallop potatoes, green beans, apple sauce
January 26th Lasagna, tossed salad, garlic bread, apple crisp

   All meals are $6.00 and carry out is available. We are already planning our February menu, but if there is something you’d like to request, jot it down on a slip of paper and give it to one of us. We’re always open to suggestions.

Check the bulletin board and Moosevision for happenings in the Lodge. Don't forget to go to the calendar webpage and see all of the scheduled events for October, Then come on in and join us!

   Any suggestions are always welcome as well as volunteers. Until next month remember, It’s not "I" it is "we" to make things for our Moose possible.

Senior Regent
      Peg Herron

    Come to the meetings on the 1st and 3rd Thursdays of each month at 7:30 on the lower level so you too may become involved in the interesting and fun things going on here in our chapter.

2013 – 2014 WOTM Officers and Chairmen 


Senior Regent  Peg Herron
Junior Regent Elsie Harshfield
Chaplain Susan Elsasser
Secretary/Treasurer Jo Ann Fissel
Recorder Deb Handell
Junior Grad Regent Marcia Retterer


Membership/Retention Evelyn VanBuskirk
Publicity Jane Elsasser
Youth Involvement Sally Cozad
Academy of Friendship Kimberly Thomas
Star Recorder Barb McQuown
Mooseheart/Moosehaven Amanda Tainer
College of Regents Evelyn Osborn
Community Service Bev Rice Anderson
Educational Advancement Linda Patrick
Family Involvement Jene Ann Wood
Moose Charities Carol Wilcox
Health Awareness Cassandra Ritzler
Guide Beverly Zimmerman
Assist Guide Sandy Wilkinson